Some Thoughts on Lavender

About time for another metaphysical post. As some of yall have read, I started my magical garden on Ostara; one of the herbs I planted was lavender. I love lavender. Not only is it beautiful, but it promotes wonderful loving atmosphere. It is fairly easy to grow, I have never had an issue with it.

Some ways to use Lavender:

  • Lavender tea- take a few sprigs of the flower and steep them with your favorite herbal tea. It helps to relieve anxiety and stress and it is very effective for promoting sleep. Drinking it in tea also helps to suppress coughing.
  • To heal cuts and scrapes- muddle it up until the oils are exposed and place it on the hurting area. As a child, this was a much more pleasant way to heal my boo boos (compaired to other ointments that smelled funny). As a teenager, I used it to help sooth inflamed acne.
  • Wearing lavender oil- it can help attract lovers, promote happiness, ward away depression, or help with sleep.
  • Hang bundles around the house- put in doorways or windows to only allow positive energies in, by a bed for harmony in your love life, in the bathroom to help you relax… you get it.
  • Add it in sage bundles- not only will you banish negativity but you will bring in love.

Just a few ideas. Get your magical garden. Plant some lavender. Be happy.


Witchy Tips: Shopping for Tools

I am sitting here in the living room, downing my second cup of coffee and trying to convince myself to get up and clean. I no longer work at the daycare, so I have been bumming around in sweats pretty much all week (except when I have to go to my serving job). That being said, I haven’t done much around the house. It’s a mess. Seriously. So while I am staring down my messy ass house, I am procrastinating a bit more by writing this post.

As some of you know, I am an artist and I work for commission when money is tight. Honestly, commission isn’t really my thing, but when you need money, you gotta do what you gotta do. Anyways, I needed canvas for this Star Wars piece that I am doing and I wanted to add a few textural pieces (think buttons and strings) so I headed to my favorite place: Michael’s.

Walking around Michael’s made me think… why am I not coming here more often for my metaphysical needs? This place has almost everything!

While we were there, I picked up

  1. Several different colored candles of all different sizes. Perfect for devotionals of rituals. All of them under 50 cents.
  2. Supplies to MAKE candles. I like doing this for sabbats and esbats, makes my rituals feel even more powerful. This includes: wicks, wax, colored wax chips, essential oils and jars. This got a little pricey, so if you are planning on making many candles, try checking out amazon. But if you are only making a few, Michael’s might be an easier bet. All supplies cost about $25
  3. Skin safe essential oils. Some times you can only purchase “fragrance” oils which can be irritating to the skin. But if you look really hard, you can find real essential oils. My fiance suprised me with some patchuli, so I’m not sure how much he spent, but I am sure it wasn’t terrible.
  4. Giant sketch books, perfect for book of shadows. Okay, so I didn’t buy this yesterday, but I did a while ago and I love it. I got this huge, beautiful sketch book the size of a math text book for less than $10.
  5. Bottles upon bottles upon bottles. All of the magical oils I can now keep is incredible. There are several different bottles of shapes and sizes, all with cork toppers… I got 10 of them, all less than $1 each.

After we left Michael’s, we had to go to the grocery store, so while we were there I picked up even more supplies! We were running low on many of our dried herbs in our magical pantry. While there we purchased

  1. Dried bay leaves
  2. Sea salt
  3. Dried sage
  4. Fresh sage (to make home made smudge sticks… we will see how it works.)
  5. Cinnamon sticks

I ended up spending a chunk of change last night, but it was worth it. It isn’t easy finding metaphysical stores when you live in the bible belt, I can’t believe that I hadn’t though of shopping at Michael’s before!

Bright Blessings,