Love is Love

I’m a wee bit distracted, so while I was going to post about something herb related, I’ve decided against it. My brain is everywhere. So I will write about something else.


As everyone has no doubt seen by now, gay marriage is now legal nationwide. I’m sorry, let’s not call it “gay” marriage… It is just marriage. Most days, I roll my eyes at America and wonder why we seem so ass backwards, why we still struggle with racism and religious acceptance… why do we still seem to look down on anyone who is even slightly different from the norm? But today I am proud. I am so incredibly proud of the country that I live in.

Being a life long resident of GA, I used to think that hate for others was only an issue that we see in the south and that it was caused by people not wanting to let go of the past… But now I see that hate lives everywhere and within anyone whose heart is open to it. People hate others for their skin color or nationality, religion, sexual preference, body type, occupation, political views, parenting types, and so on. It isn’t just where I live, it is everywhere… while that thought is heartbreaking, today it isn’t. Today is a day that I will tell my children and grandchildren about- Today our nation rose above all of the hate in this world and let love win.

Perhaps I will clear my mind and write again later about all the witchy things I like to write about, but for now I will allow myself to bask in this moment. History was made today and I was alive to see it. My children and their children will now have their god given right to love who they wish and to marry whomever they choose. Love is love and it waits for no one.