Last week, today, and what is to come

Sorry I have been away for so long, I’ve been in the middle of packing and working crazy hours… not to mention the multiple vet visits these past few weeks. These pups are killing me financially.

On top of me being busy, I am feeling funky in general. Either allergies are hitting me later than all of my friends and family, or stress from packing has lead me to fall ill. I’ve been running fevers, sneezing, coughing, and feeling very lethargic. Yesterday I had cut out some time to write to all of you, but I fell asleep in front of computer instead. I had every intention of writing something worthwhile today, but my brain isn’t cooperating… I’m sorry guys.

That being said, I am planning on reading a good bit on my spirituality and reflecting on it for a while today. I am hoping that will serve as inspiration. Perhaps it is my feeling “icky” but I just cannot become inspired on my own at the moment.

Also, if any of you have any suggestions for future posts, or have any questions for me, I would love to hear it.

Back to reading, just wanted to pop buy and say hi to you all.



A Gift

I’ve been pretty wrapped up in work lately. We are preparing for our move, so I am working as much as I possibly can to save up the money for it… forgive me if I start to be a bad friend and my updates drop down to biweekly… that is not the goal, but it is a possibility.

The universe works in weird ways… It brings people you need to you when you need them the most. Last year, I participated in an international Secret Santa. I was matched up with a man in his late 50s who was also a pagan. I bought him a “wreck this journal” book, a funny tea steeper, some knick knacks, and I made him many homemade soaps and candles. He seemed to like everything I sent because we have been moderately in touch ever sense. He is now an uncle-like figure, and I love him and his wife dearly even though we have never met.

Today, a package was delivered at my doorstep addressed to me.
My friend had sent me two fluorite wands, a piece of petrified wood, a chunk of stone that I cannot figure out what it is yet (gotta take it to my nearby crystal shop), and a book called Illusions by Richard Bach. He left a note that simply said “thought you need a pick me up… consider it an early wedding gift.”
I needed a pick me up… I am so stressed out that I burst into tears over the smallest of things.

The universe has lead me to a truly beautiful soul.

May blessings rain upon that man and his wonderful wife.


PS- early in the week I might post a picture of my unidentifiable stone… if you guys have any thoughts, let me know!



Tips on Spiritual Burnout

88c3cf96f14ed5cfa9ed8074bab0e190I love my path that I am on- it is true what many people say… when the path finds you, it is as if you have finally “come home.” Your path becomes home when you allow your heart to guide you to your beliefs, not your mind. What is true to me is not always true to everyone else, and that isn’t necessarily wrong. For the most part, I adore our pagan community- where we are alike and where we are vastly different- it is all beautiful to me.

However, some days… some weeks or even months, things get hard. You feel exhausted or uninspired in regards to your practice. Your pagan community can make you feel a little bit nuts, or you start to feel like you are losing touch with nature… in turn, you are losing touch with yourself. I’m no stranger to that feeling. Being manic depressive, I have to fight tooth and nail to keep a healthy, well balanced relationship with nature, myself, and my deities, however, there is only so much you can do sometimes… Everyone will face a spiritual burnout at one point or another.

Once you are in this “burnout,” how do you get yourself out of this funk? If you are having a hard time feeling positive, connecting to nature, or feeling inspired, what is the best way to get back to feeling good?

Redecorate your altar or make a new, smaller one to be hidden somewhere:

4137a7924a7f1125681cb79729fca3f0The first thing I do when I am stuck in a funk is clean off my altar and rearrange everything. My altar is a wonderful source of positive energy to me, so working with it helps me to feel refreshed. Often times, when I am cleaning it off after a while of not using it, I find small tokens that serve as memories of when my thirst of knowledge was stronger.
If I already like the way my altar looks and I don’t wish to change it at all, I will make a small, temporary “hidden altar.” The image to your right isn’t mine, but I used it as an inspiration for my small altars. In the past, I have made a tiny sacred bowl with a small candle in the middle of it. Every time I would leave the house to run an errand, I would look for a small rock to put in the bowl- this forced me to get off the pavement and into the grass, forcing me to rummage around in nature.

Plan something for an upcoming holiday:

332cb4e1731bfb31e686a61683dd3767The wheel of the year is ever turning, so we are fortunate enough to always have a holiday coming up on us at any given time. For some people, planning a big celebration for every turn of the wheel is exhausting- some of us have to work! However, simply taking the time to observe what the sabbat/esbat ands for can help to reawaken your stagnant spirituality.

For example, if you are currently feeling out of touch with your spiritual life, you may look forward to Beltane and make an effort to participate in at least a small ritual honoring it. Rather than holding a large bonfire and making a feast for all of your friends and family, you can simply light many candles around your house, drink your favorite dessert wine and indulge in your favorite sweet treat. What you have left over can be used as simple offering to the fae and the green man. When you are ready for bed that evening, take a moment to reflect on what Beltane means to you- chances are, you will be glad you took the time to celebrate it, even if you didn’t initially feel like it.

Create a mandala from nature:

ea075bcba2b9135eedd2170c16bf9f13This makes me get outside and find things that I find beautiful, then I am forced to invoke my creative mind in order to make this type of artwork. Though my nature mandalas are hardly ever as beautiful as the one shown here, It makes me feel wonderful to work with the plants, herbs, and crystals I have in my possession.
When making these mandalas, my creative mind is stimulated and my stressed mind is relaxed. In this state, I can find my connection to my spirituality much easier.

Light a prayer candle every. single. day.

7c143f1108a3e25e94b22c208b5b8537This is my number one way to get out of my spiritual burnout… it just works for me. I will find an unlit candle with a scent that makes me feel happy- usually either cinnamon during the colder months and fresh apple during the warmer months- and pray over it every morning when I wake up, or every afternoon when I come home from work. I pray for guidance, for positive energy, for a better attitude, and for health. Right before I light the candle, I name at least three things that I am grateful for. After the candle is lit, I go about business as usual- cleaning the house, writing, doing homework, painting… every time I smell the candle while I am doing these things, I am reminded not only of the things I prayed for, but also the things I am grateful of, helping me to be positive and to reestablish my faith.

579ca7154439e1a77276b06fd1af7ef3Most days, my spiritual life and mundane life have no lines between them. However, not all days are full of beautiful sunsets and twinkling stars. We are human- we are constantly battling the good and the bad. Burnout happens to all of us, but working to overcome it is what makes us even stronger in our faith.

Blessings to you and yours,

Magical uses of Bay

images2X7AS2S3Another herb that I always seem to have on hand at any given time I dried bay leaves. I began using it when teaching myself how to cook, and now I use it more often for magical purposes.

When cooking,  I love to use Bay for its strong, aromatic uses. It can transform nearly any dish just by added one small leaf to the mix. While bay isn’t suitable for everyone’s taste buds (my mother, for example, hates it), it is certainly worth a shit for many people. I love making robust, Italian sauces with it. I should warn, that much much like sage, I do see many people warning against using this herb while pregnant. If you wish to use it while nursing or pregnant, meet with your doctor before hand to get all the information you need.

1c2b61bf2e2b3bf3a3ab9974444d8dedFrom a magical standpoint, Bay has a way with calming the mind, helping to develop psychic abilities, protecting against unfavorable situations, and granting wishes.

Ways I like to add Bay into my magical practices:

  • I’m sure by now you have seen people writing their wished on bay leafs before burning them… not to be a copy cat, but I love this simple ritual.
  • Add bay to your bath teas before bed OR put a bay leaf under your pillow at night, both will help you to have prophetic dreams.
  • Burn bay with your incense before practicing divination.
  • Add the crumbled leaves to any wish sachet you are planning on making.
  • Carry the leaves in your wallet of purse to help protect against theft or poverty.
  • Incorporate bay into your household décor to promote home protection.\
  • If you are feeling uneasy and need to quiet your mind, add bay to a stovetop potpourri (if you haven’t noticed by now, I am slightly obsessed to stove top potpourris…) I feel that it works very well with rosemary and lemon peels.

Gotta love them herbs. Having a small stock on hand makes it so easy to incorporate a little bit of magic into your daily life.


A Spell for Financial Stability

Feeling like you are in a financial slump? Don’t worry, I am right there with you.

The place that we are moving into is going to run us over a grand just to move in, plus we are still desperately trying to save for our wedding and honeymoon… and honestly, we probably won’t even make it to the honeymoon part. Money is tight, our bills are stressing us out, and we are trying our best to figure these things out as they come to us… I’m not very good at that.

I created a spell to help us find stability in our finances. I didn’t create it so that we would just stumble upon the money or to have it just handed to us, the intent of this spell is to help us recognize opportunities that can help lead us to financial gain and to help us learn money management tips that will help us in the future.

What you will need:

  • a dollar bill
  • blessed oil
  • dried patchouli
  • cinnamon
  • dried bay leafs
  • tigers eye stone
  • a citrine stone
  • a small baggie
  • pen and paper
  • a green candle

When to preform the spell: I personally feel that a new or waxing moon is best for this spell- it corresponds well with new beginnings and welcoming abundance into your life.

What to do:

  • Cast your circle or prepare your magical space as you normally would.
  • On your sheet of paper, write in detail what financial stressors you are facing and what you need to accomplish whenever you become debt free. Mine had on it all of the corporations I am in debt to, my bad credit score and how it is affecting me negatively, how I am concerned that our current financial situation wouldn’t be able to support a family in the event that I were to become pregnant before we were ready and so on.
  • When you are finished writing your list, anoint your paper with your blessed oil and fold into a neat square and place it under your green candle.
  • Next, anoint your dollar bill and fold it three time, then place it in your baggie. From here, you may begin to fill your bag with the other herbs and stones, all of which I associate with good luck, prosperity and financial stability.
  • Anoint your green candle with you blessed oil and then light it. Hold your baggie about it and say, “Burdens below me, needs above me, teach me to succeed, teach me to live debt free, I’ve made mistakes with money in the past, now I wish to solve it and make it last, to live a life that fulfills my needs, and it is my will, so mote it be.”
  • After about five minutes you may snuff your candle out. Keep the baggie on you when you are at work or working on paying your bills, and leave your piece if paper under your candle.
  • Let the candle burn every night for at least five minutes until it is ready to burn out completely. Recharge your bag over its flame at least once a week.

This past weekend…

Long story short… Never trust D when there is an open bar. She will drink a lot.


…was busy. I worked a sixteen hour day on Friday, toured two more apartments on Saturday morning, Saturday night we went to a black tie wedding with an open bar that I abused the shit out of, a friend that I work with came out as being transgender (which did necessarily added to being busy, but definitely threw in a lot of excitement in the mix), packed a little in Sunday morning, then went right back to work last night.

I slept in until noon today… partly because I am lazy and didn’t want to move from my bed, and partly because I think I REALLY needed the sleep.

In other news, WE GOT THE APARTMENTE WANTED! With my credit, I was worried. We do need to pay one hell of a deposit, but in the grand scheme of things it really isn’t that bad. I’ve prayed and prayed for this place, for it to work out in our favor. For some people, they see the price tag on our rent as “too high” for the area that we live in, but it is the most beautiful, well kept, quietest, safest complex in the best possible location for Cody and I. Such a sigh of relief, thank goodness.

I’ll be working more posts later on, but for now I need to catch up on my coffee consumption. I missed writing with you all over the weekend!