Moving Day

In about an hour and a half I will be signing the papers and getting the keys to my new apartment. Couldn’t be more ready to move.

Unfortunately, that means that until we get our internet hooked up, I will be needing to take a short break from writing. No worries though, we are hopeful that this will be an overall short process and that we can get completely moved in just two days, then settled in in just a few more.


Witchy Tip: Use Rose

First of all, I’m sorry for the venting involved in yesterday’s post. My family is going through a lot right now and I had a desperate need to vent to the world without actually airing out all that dirty laundry to the people who personally know us. Today, I’m feeling a little bit better and I’m ready to write to you about all kinds of magical things.

Because I was so down last night, Cody brought up the topic of taking a Disney Vacation (I’m eat, sleep, breath Disney…) as a way of taking my mind off things. He promised that The next time we go, we will wait in line to meet the Beast- something I have never done before. That is when I began telling him about my life long fascination with roses.

th5ORKC191From a young age, I have always believed that roses were magical. My favorite movie (then and now) was Beauty and the Beast and I was OBSESSED with that rose. My mother had a beautiful rose garden at the time, so any time we were outside I would pretend that all of those beautiful roses were magical, that they served as a “count down” to finding love. Sense then, I have always considered roses to be a sacred plant and I love using them in my magical workings.

How I use Roses in my magical workings:

  • Have your received a bouquet from a loved one lately? Dry and keep the petals for future spell work. When my fiancé proposed, I pressed a few of the flowers to keep and I hung the others out to dry for upcoming spell work. When I need a spell for harmony in the household or to strengthen mine and my fiancé’s communication skills, I use these flowers.bouquet_of_roses_by_muffet1-d38f7s5
  • Boil the petals in water charged by the moon to make rose water. This can then be used in love related rituals, beauty spells, or as holy water. My favorite way to use rose water is to anoint candles with it when preforming love spells (love spells regarding my fiancé and I with his consent, so relax). When you are done with your rose water, store in a cool place.
  • Add dried rose petals to homemade smudge sticks. It will purify your home and promote peace- I like to use sage, rose and lavender in one bundle.thZC2DK3UL
  • Take advantage of those thorns- they can be used in witches’ bottles and  home protection spells as a way to deter any negative forced from entering your home.
  • Plant a bush as an offering to the Fae or the Green Man. Roses, to me, are the ultimate sign of beauty in nature. Planting and caring for the bush can be shown as a sign of respect and love to these nature entities, dedicating this special flower to these spirits may encourage them to look after and care for all of your other plants in your garden.


My magical used of roses may not be the Beast’s magical use of rose, but that magical movie lead to my love of this beautiful plant.

How do you use rose in your metaphysical life?


Of drug addictions

I’m taking this moment as an opportunity to write down everything that I have pent up inside my heart- I’m pretty frustrated right now and need a safe place to vent a little bit. None of you (save for one or two) know me personally, so please forgive me for airing out my families’ dirty laundry for a moment.

My mother is a mess right now.
She divorced my father because he began using abusing drugs and alcohol. Due to the drug usage, he ultimately became abusive to us. At first, it was kind of manageable; he would just drink too much and then start acting like kind of a jerk. However, come morning, he would apologize, make us all breakfast, then would go about his day and we would forget the whole thing ever happened.
But the alcohol turned to pot.
Then to pot to cocaine.
Then the cocaine to meth.
And then in a blink of an eye, we went from being a family got along to a family torn apart, scared of their father and husband, never knowing what was going to happen.
The thing with being in an abusive relationship is that you don’t know you are being abused… you don’t see what is happening right in front of you. You become sick in the brain. You make excuses for the other person… They didn’t mean it, they love us and would never do that on purpose. Mom did it, I did it… Its just something that unfortunately many people go through.
I’m not sure what snapped her out of the “nothing is wrong” mindset, but one day she woke up. She left him and took us with her, never looking back for a moment.

This was nearly ten years ago, but unfortunately she is starting to go through the same situation all over again, but this time in a more painful way.

During a routine traffic stop, my youngest brother was cited for having an open container in the car. When he went to court, he was given the option of jail time, or a rigorous probation program that IF he completed, he would have the offense completely expunged from his record. However, if he so much as got a ticket for having a headlight out, he would go to jail. The judge allowed him to meet with a substance abuse counselor for a drug test and pre-probation counseling before his first visit to his probation officer- if he tested positive for anything, whatever happened there would NOT affect his probation UNLESS he did not comply with the counselors recommendations.
During this visit, a cocaine addiction came to light.

Then my mother broke down. “All of my money has been going missing, and I didn’t want to believe that he could be doing this to me!”

For the past year, she says that she has had money going missing from her purse, 20s at a time. She said she has seen less and less of him, that he has become more and more agitated toward her, that he has become very hard to be around and has mood swings. Once again, she is facing a situation where she loves someone with an addiction issue who doesn’t believe that there is anything wrong with them.

I love my brother, but it is incredibly hard to watch my mom go through this with him. I feel very resentful towards him for putting my mom through this the way my father did. I know he needs our support for when the counselor puts together a rehabilitation plan for him… but I want to shake the kid until his head falls off.

The worst part is that he doesn’t think he has done anything wrong. He says that everyone is over reacting and that its not that bad.

My head and my heart hurts over this situation… I think I’m just mad at everything.

Connecting to Water

I would love to say that I am well in tuned to every element; that I have a well balanced relationship with each one. Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly the case… I have always been a little afraid of water. There is something about open water that terrifies me; perhaps its the fact that I watched Jaws when I was entirely too young, or maybe its the fact that hanging out by a pool or lake always means “D’s ginger skin is gonna get a sunburn” no matter how often I reapply sunscreen. Whatever the case, while I have a respect for water, I have a hard time actually connecting to it.


While it is normal for one to be more in cinque with one particular element over the others (for instance I am more in touch with air than anything else), having an extreme adversity to one isn’t. This being said, over the years I’ve has to work hard to overcome my fear. While water and I aren’t on the terms I want to be, we are making progress. Because of this, I am here to offer tips on connecting to the element of water.


  • Take a bath: I may not like hanging out in pools, but I am not beyond taking a nice, long bath. The next time you decide to take a soak in the tub, do so with the intention of experiencing and connecting to the water.
  • Collect shells and put them on your altar: Or anything that reminds you of sea life- sand, drift wood, etc. Spend time meditating with them.
  • Set up a small aquarium: They aren’t too expensive and make a beautiful addition to your home. Add real plants to your aquarium, not just the brightly colored fake ones. Caring for sea life- even if it is just for a small two gallon beginners’ aquarium- can help you connect.
  • Open your windows when it rains: You don’t have to completely submerge yourself in natures water to appreciate it. Next time you are stuck at home while it is raining cats and dogs, crack a window, brew a cup of coffee and enjoy the sound of water returning to earth, nourishing our lands.

befccccca8e5e1d71e26b4a7f65b5a12Again, I still don’t have the relationship with water that I want to have, but I am getting there. These tips are small, but they have helped me overcome my aversion to water… a little, anyways.

Love to you all,


Moving Madness

I’m sorry friends, I am not meaning to be a poor friend and not writing as much as I have been. On Monday morning, I will sit down and hammer out a few nice articles, I pinky swear… In fact, if you leave suggestions on what I should write about below, I will write on that topic, no matter what it is!

Seven days from today I will be laying my head down to rest in my own apartment. Seven. Days.

There is a lot of prepping we are doing- preemptively putting things into boxes, moving stuff in our storage unit around to that we can reach everything with ease, buying the last few things we need for when we move (no one let me forget a kitchen trash can please), and I’ve even been making more home décor.

I’m stressed, panicked, and very, very excited.

I’ll be back to writing to you all shortly, pinky promise.

Single Digits!

We are in the single digits, y’all!

Nine days until we move and I couldn’t be more excited! Okay, I could be more excited… we could have more money than we do at the moment, so money stress wouldn’t be as big on an issue, but oh well. You win some, you lose some. We just happened to be stretched thin at the moment, but we will make it.

Nine days. Nine. 9. N.I.N.E.

I’m looking forward to showering in my own shower.

An Abundance Check

**I was reading a random article that popped up on my phone today and the author had said something along the lines of “I wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition.” So naturally, I needed to watch some Monty Python… Click HERE  if you wanna laugh with me, I’ve linked a video.**

Back to my original topic (sorry, I just really love all things Monty Python), last night Cody cast a spell WITH me… for the first time ever. While he has always been very supportive of my path, he has always “left me to it” when it comes to any metaphysical practices.


We were originally talking about why I lit my abundance candle last night- It was a new moon. My idea was that I would light it with the new moon- a time of potential. I would light it for some time every day after, as the moon was growing in power. Then, on the fourteenth day (our moving day) it would be a full moon, a time of high, actualized power. It all seemed very symbolic to me.
We spoke on about how every new moon I see the same simple spells come up again and again- easy but affective, can be done with every new moon. I told him about how a few years ago, I was watching a youtube video by Charming Pixie Flora where she wrote herself a check and signed it The Law Of Abundance.  She is no longer active on that channel but you can still view her old videos HERE. If you want to check out all that she is working on currently, you can view it HERE.

After explaining the spell to him, he looked at me with a raised eyebrow and said, “you wanna do it?” Of course I wanted to, I’ve never done anything like that with him.

What you need:
A blank check
A pen

What you do:

Start off your spell as you normally would- pray, meditate, cast your circle, and so on. We simply lit a white candle for the divine and I prayed that they would join us.

Before you start, focus on your needs being fulfilled. Do not be greedy, focus on your needs- Cody and I are in a serious financial bind right now, and honestly I’m not sure how we are going to get it done, all I know is that we will get it done, no matter how hard it is, we will work it out. Because we were casting the spell together, we spoke aloud our needs, what exactly our bills were, what we are being on, the amount we need to come up to move, the amount we need to be comfortable, and so on.

When you have you needs in your mind, you may fill your check using the guide listed above. Your name, paid in full, signed by The Law of Abundance.

What you do with the check from here is up to you. I’ve heard of people mailing it to themselves, burning it, or (what Cody chose to do) simply keep it in your wallet to hold on to.

The idea is not to have money show up at your door two days later, the idea is that while you work and save, you will find making and saving money much easier. The Universe will provide for you, so long as you try to provide for yourself.

Much love,