While I was out

I was doing so well, writing pretty regularly… what happened?
A lot happened…

After moving, our second bedroom became an episode of hoarders, which was visually overwhelming for me. My workplace when from very slow and very overstaffed (which is stressful because I wasn’t making any money) to getting pretty fast and VERY understaffed- now I have no time off. The apartment managers never changed out our counters before we moved in and decided to rip out our kitchen and bathroom counters AFTER we moved in… but waited three days to replace them. Cody got a second job, so the house keeping is now 90% on me and I hardly see him anymore. Oh, yeah, and my apartment building caught on fire.

We are fine, our unit is fine, our neighbors are fine… but it was stressful. People are constantly in and out of the units, inspecting and repairing, trying to figure out what happened, so we hardly have any privacy around here anymore… but its better than not having this done.

With everything going on at the home front, I guess I decided to take an internet hiatus- everything going on was just too overwhelming, so why pack on more stress from the internet?
I took my time off, but now I am ready to come back… I’ll address what is going on in my life in my next post coming up tomorrow night… but for now I need to be off to work.

Love you guys! I’ll be back soon.