Some thoughts on Mugwort

For many years, I stayed away from Mugwort… It has a nasty sounding name that I wanted absolutely no part in. I’m happy to say that I have finally come around to this interesting little plant and am glad to find how useful it can truly be.mugwort_complete_800

I have always had incredibly painful menstrual cycles, often causing vomiting and migraines. One day at work, while fighting the normal nausea I have always dealt with, a coworker of mine who frequented a nearby herb shop made me a cup of hot tea she had recently purchased, promising that it would make me feel better. It was a mugwort and cinnamon tea… A taste that I can honestly say I wasn’t exactly a fan of, but I can say that within about 30 minutes I was feeling much better. This event lead me to open my mind up to this magical herb.

To this day, I cannot say that I am all too knowledgeable on incorporating this herb into your daily life for the health benefits, however if you are willing to do the research on the proper ways to use it I can confirm that it is mighty helpful in easing stomach aches, boosting energy, and helping depression and anxiety to subside. 4c863181a5657c2897122b1797f082eb

Though I may not know too much about using mugwort for its health befits, I view it as a magical must have. It is often used in home protection and purification, divination, aiding in self discovery, and prophetic dreams.

Ways that I like to use this herb:

  • Wrapping it into my sage bundles if I feel my home needs a bit of a spiritual boost.
  • Burning as an incense before meditation or divination work.
  • Store your divination tools with dried mugwort to help to consecrate them and add to their power.
  • Add it to a sachet to keep under your pillow to insure vivid, prophetic dreams.
  • Place mugwort essential oils on your palms and soles of your feet before astral travel.

Again, I do not have the correct knowledge on how to use mugwort for its medical properties, so if you are interested in using it in a not metaphysical way PLEASE do your research and consult your local herbalist.

Finding dried mugwort can be a challenge at times; I can only thing of one store near me that provides it… and seldomly at that.

If you are having issues finding a store near you, you can always find wonderful providers on etsy!

Many Blessings,