Magic with Cody

I’m very fortunate that my fiancé is my best friend. Seriously, he is the perfect person for me. I don’t say this just to be sappy or to portray an unrealistic relationship between us- we still bicker and have our issues, but that pales in comparison to the love, understanding, and support we experience from one another.

Waiting for the concert to begin… I was crying I was so excited!

I bring this up for two reasons. The first: last nights he helped me cross off a bucket list item and took me to see one of my very favorite bands ever… The Cure! Such a great time, they sounded amazing and I loved every second of it. The second reason: though we don’t necessarily share the same beliefs in terms of my spirituality, he still has a desire to learn and to be a part of my practice.


I was reading through some old books on witchcraft and was telling him about how I kind of miss practicing magic the way I use to; several years ago I was constantly crafting something, and now I am constantly reading about someone else’s craft. I then told him how I use to really enjoy making magical oils and using them to dress candles, tools, etc.

Being the person that he is, Cody then allowed me to elaborate on the making of oils, the steps I took to produce them and how I went about decided what ingredients I wanted to use. I got very noticeably worked up and excited while explaining it to him- I don’t always actively try to involve him in this portion of my life, I would rather him try to involve himself in it. Knowing how happy it made me, he asked me to make an oil with him.

Guys, I’m excited. Working magic with this man is always an adventure.

We have been working together to come up with a list of ingredients and a spell, I can’t wait to share it with you guys!




Witchy Haul


Last night, I took advantage of the full moon and charged all of my crystals. While I was sifting through my stones and laying them out in the dish, I came across a few stones that I had recently bought at The Ren Fest, but have never used or cleansed. I suppose it just got lost in the messy state my home is in.

When I picked up the stones, I didn’t really have much information on them. I simply grabbed them on impulse. As is would turn out, I grabbed exactly what I needed… funny how things like that always happen.

What did I pick up? I thought you would never ask…

calciteBlue Calcite: I love light blue stones- they always seem to have a calming affect on me. Lately I’ve been having a hard time overcoming a lack of energy and creativity in my life. I have been so stressed out with my new job and my cluttered home that I constantly feel tired… After a while of holding this crystal in my hand, I felt as if I needed to write. My mind had suddenly cleared up and began researching my many new crystals. Blue Calcite, I learned, is often used to help overcome depression and anxiety, to boost creativity, and to help with communication.

onyx-stoneBlack Onyx: I have many bad habits that keep me from living my life to the fullest… bad habits that affect my decision making abilities that not only affect my life, but my fiancé’s as well… often resulting severe guilt that leads to depression. Wearing Black Onyx can help absorb negative energy that would otherwise affect you, help to change your bad habits (so long as you are actively working on changing the habit as well), and to help keep you from living in the past. I’ve been so haunted by my past mistakes that I am often unable to focus on the present- on fixing my past issues so that I may move forward with my life.

goldstone-blueBlue Goldstone: Not that I’m all about looks, but the number one reason I picked up this stone is because I found it pretty… Sounds superficial of me, doesn’t it? Blue Goldstone is a man mad glass infuse with copper, so while it does not naturally come from the earth, much energy is put into creating this beauty. This stone is used in decision making regarding business and money and in helping to ease in job transitions (which is perfect for me, considering I am starting a new job). For empathic people, this stone can also help to protect your own heart when taking on other people’s emotions. My favorite explanation this stone comes from the Healing Crystals website, saying that the shimmering specks inside this navy blue stone capture the illusion of stars in the night sky, reminding us that even in our darkest times, there will be light.

These stones came to me when I needed them the most and I cannot wait to incorporate them into my daily life.  I hope I’ll have another witchy haul post soon!







Celebrating the Solstice

I’ve been struggling to keep my head above water lately, so I am sorry that I’ve been going to long between posts. My new job is starting off a little rocky for me and I’m still trying to get this house in order, but I am trying to get back on top of my game.

So, the Summer Solstice and the full moon… Can you think of a better time to practice magic? Instead of giving you a history lesson on the solstice or telling you all the ways that you could possibly celebrate it, I’ve decided to tell you what I am doing today.

If you have been reading my page for even a short amount of time, you will find a pattern with me: when I am getting ready to celebrate a holiday (or when I’m stressed) I clean. I hate cleaning, but I love a clean house. I feel like a clean, clutter free home lends itself to successful magic making- that having a fresh open room makes it near impossible for negative energy to gather in corners. So today, I clean.

When I am fished with my cleaning, I am baking blueberry and orange muffins as a summery treat and as an offering to the fae. Cody brought home tons of fresh blueberries and I bought more oranges than I can eat, so I am tinkering with muffin recipe and trying to come up with the perfect summery treat.

Other than that, we are simply going to enjoy dinner out on the patio with a glass of sweet wine… perhaps I’ll paint outside as well. But it is officially summer now, so I am planning on staying outside as much as possible.

What are you guys doing tonight?


Home Blessing Ritual

20160506_133028jgI’ve been having a high anxiety day- no particular reason that I can think of other than “just because.” I don’t know what happened, one minute I was writing down my shopping list and the next… well, it wasn’t pretty. I’m currently trying to shake myself out of it with by quickly changing my clothes (you know… out of my pajamas), dropping my favorite blue lace agate stone in my pocket, starting another pot of coffee, and lighting my Abundance and Prosperity Candle to the first time.
I’m trying to turn this day around.

By the time I was finally able to calm myself down from hyperventilating, I kept telling myself to “think of something nice.” I balled up under my favorite blanket and closed my eyes, trying to think of ANYTHING that made me happy- it is hard when you are covered in your own snot from crying for no known reason. The first thing that came to mind was making candles and soaps with my lovely friend over at Under the Moon Beams. For a while we passed the time together making and selling our goods as a hobby, but couldn’t keep it up due to our living situations. The second thing that came to mind was that in fourteen days, I would have the keys to my new place in hand… and if we wanted to (which I surely do), we could start up our fun little “business” yet again.

Now my mind is wandering to my new home- what it will look like, smell like, how it will be decorated, what the first meal I cook in it will be (probably frozen cheese pizza…), and how blessed I am that I will once again be able to say that “I’m home.” Because we have so much negative energy attached to us from being here, I have decided to come up with a Home Blessing Ritual so that Cody and I can ensure that we begin our lives in our new home with a clean slate.

What you will need:

  • A bowl or a spray bottle
  • distilled water
  • vodka (only if you are planning to save your potion for future use)
  • clear quartz
  • a lemon peel
  • sage
  • lavender
  • sea salt

I chose these items because it is what I feel will protect my home- I love the combination of sage, lavender and lemon! Use what speaks to you or simply use what you have one hand. If all you can come up with is a Mickey Mouse cereal bowl and tap water, so be it. Just be sure to really focus on your intention while preforming this ritual.

What to do:

Start by praying, mediating, invoking your deities, or even casting a circle- whatever you would normally be doing before a ritual. However, bear in mind that if you are casting a circle, you WILL be needing to move throughout the entirety of your home, so cast that circle WIDE!

Put all of your ingredients together in your bowl/spray bottle one at a time, focusing on the magical properties of each. If you are planning on saving you mixture for a future use, use equal parts Vodka and distilled water. Once everything is mixed together, hold your vessel tightly in both hands and charge it with you energy.

Starting at your front door, walk deasil (clockwise) around your home sprinkling your mixture high and low, making sure to hit every wall, corner, closet, front and back of door, window and so on. As you are sprinkling your water, say aloud “Bless this home, only happiness dwells here, protect all within, with the divines love so dear.” Speak every word confidently, envisioning each sprinkling of water purifying your home and banishing any negative energies that may linger around your home. Think of the cleansing properties of the lemon and sage, the peace and love of the lavender, and how the quartz magnifies all of those magical properties.

When you arrive back to where you began, wash your front door with the mixture. Focus on you blessings and the idea of happiness, abundance and prosperity coming in. Know that this mixture will prevent any evils in the world from entering.

When you are finished with your ritual, you may either save your mixture in a glass jar, or return the water to the Earth.

Hope some of you are able to make use of this little ritual. Writing it surely took my mind off of everything and I am very excited to use it when we move [in fourteen days].




Prosperity Spell Candles

I have been wanting to start making a series of spell candles- one for prosperity and abundance, one for increasing empathic and psychic abilities, one for blessing mine and Cody’s relationship, one for home and family blessing and protection, and one for banishing anxiety and depression. The idea is that I will cast a circle while making the candles, add in magical ingredients, and charge the candles with my intentions. Any time I light this candle, it will slowly release its magical properties into the air, charging me with its magical purpose.

That being said, if you have even read a few of my posts, you know that my fiancé and I are working through some money issues. We have come a long way, but keeping our heads above water can still be a daunting task. While logically I know that the first step to getting out of the negative is by using mundane means, I am open to receiving guidance from the magical side of my life as well. With this in mind, I decided that my first spell candle would be made for Abundance and Prosperity.

**A small disclaimer- though I have made candles before in the past that have turned out gorgeous, this time was a little different… I made a rookie mistake, so while the ingredients and intentions were all there, it is a little on the “ugly” side. BUT it smells great and I feel that it will work beautifully for me.

2011-prosperity1First thing first: what does prosperity and abundance mean to me? No, It isn’t just money. Of course I need help financially, but that isn’t all that comes to mind when I think of these words. In my mind, I see comfort. I see food in the fridge and gas in my car. I see my fiancé and I not only enjoying time off for ourselves, but to be also be able to give back to our community. The goal is to not be greedy with our money, it is to be able to live comfortably, within our means, and to be able to help others if they so need it. I do not believe that magic will work in my favor if I have a greedy heart behind my motives, but I do see the universe working in my favor if my intentions are pure.

What I used:

  • About four cups of soy wax chips (will make 2 eight ounce candles)- normally you will find tutorials instructing you to measure your wax by weight, but I have found that doubling the amount of wax per how many ounces your container holds usually works pretty well. Usually.
  • 2 eight ounce containers
  • 2 wicks and wick adhesive
  • A few whole bay leaves- for luck and protection against poverty
  • Patchouli oil (2 oz)- to promote wealth
  • Citrine chips- for positive energy, promoting wealth, luck and mental clarity.
  • Adventurine Chips- for luck and wisdom with money.
  • Tiger’s eye chips- to protect the money we already have, to help grow businesses, and to protect yourself from becoming greedy.
  • A dandelion flower- this was a last minute decision for me. Seriously, right as I was about to pout my wax, I looked outside and saw some of these weeds. I don’t know why, but my gut told me to go get them.

What I did:

Because I was treating this as a spell, I formally called the corners and cast my circle before beginning. I prayed over all my supplied and asked that the god and the goddess would help to lend their energies to me as I worked my spell.

First, I prepped my candle jars by adhering the wicks to the bottom of the glass.

20160503_13570920160503_141359 (1)Then, measure out about four cups of soy wax in a large, glass measuring cup. I don’t have a double boiler, so as soon as I measure everything out, I simply place this in a large sauce pan, half full of boiling water and stir until it is completely melted. It will reduce to about two  cups of melted wax.

From here, you *normally* would allow you wax to cool to about 125-135 degrees, and THEN you would add your essential/ fragerence oil to the wax and stir well.
I did not do this- so if you are going to attempt to recreate this process, I would advise you not follow my lead right exactly.

While your wax is cooling, gather the rest of your supplies.


20160503_14012020160503_140003 (1)

20160503_135540See that last picture right above? That is where it all went wrong for me. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to put the patchouli oil in the bottom of the jar first, rather than directly in the wax. The idea was that I would put my bay leaves and crystal chips in the oil and let all of the magical properties infuse together… SO, if you want your candle to turn out pretty, don’t do this…20160503_142119

Right before I poured the wax into the candle jars, I made a last minute decision to add a dandelion to each jar, and dandelion root to one of them I don’t know why, but my gut told me that I should. I threw it all together and waited for it to begin to cool. As soon as it looked like it was cool enough, I was going to move it in front of the altar so that it could finish setting and eventually cure and be ready for use.

The crystal chips settled to the bottom, but you can still see the dandelion and bay leaves floating around.


I got kitty kisses while we were waiting for our candles to set.



20160503_144725Overall, the candles turned out pretty awesome. They smell wonderful and a filled with so many magical items, just holding the jars gives me a rush of emotions. The only hiccup- I added the oil to the jar- not to the wax. Because of this, the oils did not mix with the wax the way it should have, no matter how much I tried to stir things up a bit.Because of this, the oils and some of my crystal chips are still free floating down there.

Despite the fact that things didn’t turn out the way I planned them, I am still very excited to work with my prosperity and abundance spell candle.


If you have any comments or suggestions as to what I should add to my next few spell candles, please drop a line below. I would love to hear all of your thoughts!




A Gift

I’ve been pretty wrapped up in work lately. We are preparing for our move, so I am working as much as I possibly can to save up the money for it… forgive me if I start to be a bad friend and my updates drop down to biweekly… that is not the goal, but it is a possibility.

The universe works in weird ways… It brings people you need to you when you need them the most. Last year, I participated in an international Secret Santa. I was matched up with a man in his late 50s who was also a pagan. I bought him a “wreck this journal” book, a funny tea steeper, some knick knacks, and I made him many homemade soaps and candles. He seemed to like everything I sent because we have been moderately in touch ever sense. He is now an uncle-like figure, and I love him and his wife dearly even though we have never met.

Today, a package was delivered at my doorstep addressed to me.
My friend had sent me two fluorite wands, a piece of petrified wood, a chunk of stone that I cannot figure out what it is yet (gotta take it to my nearby crystal shop), and a book called Illusions by Richard Bach. He left a note that simply said “thought you need a pick me up… consider it an early wedding gift.”
I needed a pick me up… I am so stressed out that I burst into tears over the smallest of things.

The universe has lead me to a truly beautiful soul.

May blessings rain upon that man and his wonderful wife.


PS- early in the week I might post a picture of my unidentifiable stone… if you guys have any thoughts, let me know!



Creating your Altar

20ef2d2b8d4b2023d1db2aadd5d41e07As I have said a few times before, when I was first introduced into the craft I was very much concerned with doing everything properly; my altar set up was no exception. The book I was pulling all of my information from had VERY specific guidelines that I was under the impression that I HAD to follow… Books can be frustrating like that.

7d3a2abe1a2c539265324908f9a9fb12My books had lead me to believe that in order to have a proper altar, there were many steps I had to take. I was reading through a very old book of shadows that I had kept when I was in high school just a few minutes ago… I’m not sure what book I pulled this information from, but this is what I found:

  1. I must have an all wood table covered in a purple velvet altar cloth.
  2. I must have a statue of both the god and goddess- the god on the right side and the goddess on the left.
  3. A candle for the god and the goddess.
  4. A taper candle for each of the element in their corresponding colors, placed in their corresponding directions.
  5. A masculine and feminine symbol for each of the elements.
  6. A black “spirit” candle to go between the god and goddess candle.
  7. A large copper pentacle to go in the center of your altar.
  8. Incense of sandalwood.
  9. A chalice, athame, wand, book of shadows, and a bowl of salt.
  10. Some form of divination, such as tarot cards or a pendulum.

If this sounds like it may be a bit too much for you, you are in good company. After much research over the years, I have finally come up with the best list possible on what you ACTUALLY need on your personal altar. Without further ado, I am very pleased to bring to you the definitive list on what you need:

  1. Whatever makes you mindful of your spiritual journey.

That is all. bffb99225efab9279b8b7a88604dbb10At the moment, my altar is confined to a small wooden box that is filled with a baggie of blessed salt, sage smudge sticks, my favorite candles, and small charms that remind me of the god and goddess. I have seen many people with altars that fit inside small tobacco tins so that the practitioner may carry their spiritual space with them always.

On the flip side, I have also seen altars the size of small rooms, which are also pretty amazing.

I am eagerly awaiting the day that my fiancé and I are back in our own place and I can set up my regular altar once again… and perhaps I will be able to write a post on how I set it all up. To me, the perfect altar has a candle for the god and the goddess, candles for all of the elements, and whatever makes me happy at the moment. Right now, I like things pretty minimal. Perhaps in the future, I will want something a little more ornate. Who knows?

At the end of the day, I suppose this is just another lesson on how your witchy path cannot always be defined by what you read in your books. I wanted to set my altar up perfectly… So I did. I just happened to ignore everything I read at the time to get there.

What do you have on your altar? Do you keep it simple, or is it fairly decorated?

Many Blessings,