What is in my MoJo bag?

Just a short post, for in a few minutes I will be off to a job interview. Please cross your fingers for me, I need a second job pretty badly if we are going to be comfortable in our own finances… and plus also we are planning a surprise Disney World vacation for my mom, so the extra money would definitely help.
Because I am really needing a little extra “umph” in the working department, I decided I would make a prosperity and business MoJo bag to help me sell myself as best as I could to a potential employer and to help me stay calm and extremely productive whenever I am working. If you want to watch my YouTube video on what all I put in there (in case you want to see my make-up-less face and pony tail AND what the stones looked like) you can click HERE.

Within the bag I have a:

  • Blue Goldstone- for good business sense and smart money investments.
  • Tigers Eye- to keep you grounded and to protect the wealth that you already have.
  • Citrine- to stay positive and promote a happy vibe, luck with money.
  • Clear Quartz- to magnify all of the stone’s properties.
  • Bluckeyes- something that has always been lucky to me.
  • A Dollar- to represent the money we need.
  • A note with all the needs of Cody and myself.

When I was finished stuffing my bag, I rested it in a bed of patchouli and cinnamon sticks so that it would be charged with their properties of luck and prosperity.


I got my mojo bag in my pocket… wish me luck, y’all. I need this.




Five Crystals Every Beginner Needs

I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately, so writing has become increasingly difficult. We are dealing with a lot of stress in the area of work and finances, leaving us exhausted at the end of the day. Lately, when I get stressed out, I’ve been going back to my basics and gathering my crystals, letting them heal my broken mind.

This being said, I have a pile of crystals sitting in my lap- a blue lace agate to help with my anxiety, black onyx to chase away negative feelings, blue calcite to help renew creative feelings, and so on. All of these crystals, most of which I’ve had for many years- from the days when I was first beginning my path. Thus, I bring to you, five crystals I believe every beginner should have in their collection.

b1442bfeefdd3d44e0f8cadd92f912f8Clear Quartz: Clear quartz, to me, is a stone of universal properties. Clear quartz carries and directs powerful energies, helping its handler to create sacred places in their home an in during magical workings. Placing this crystal next to another stone of in a bed of herbs magnifies their magical properties.


amethyst.gifAmethyst: Sometimes, the world gets to be a bit too much for us all. One these days, Amethyst is one of the best stones to have on hand. This stone is soothing to the handler, easing their troubled minds. It is a very grounding stone, so holding it in your palm after magical working or a hectic day at work can help you return to center.


tigersTiger’s eye: This is another stone that is perfect for staying grounded. Tiger’s eye helps to clear your mind so that you may accomplish any task at that lies before you. It helps you unblock any worries that would affect your creativity. Keeping this stone on you or where you keep your money can help to protect the wealth you already have and to keep you from growing a greedy heart.


rose quartzRose Quartz: One of the best stones for your heart, Rose Quartz is ideal for aiding all matters of the heart; from self-love to emotional love, it helps mend broken hearts and to facilitate the growth of love. Carry it with you to boost self esteem and keep it near during your beauty rituals.


onyx-stoneBlack Onyx: I can’t think of a stone better for dispelling negative energy that may otherwise affect your mental and physical health. Placing a black onyx stone in all of the corners of your home can keep unwanted spirits away and any bickering within the home at bay.


These are five of my favorite stones and I find them to be some of the most useful to have. I hope some of you find this helpful and that you all have a wonderful day.




Celebrating the Solstice

I’ve been struggling to keep my head above water lately, so I am sorry that I’ve been going to long between posts. My new job is starting off a little rocky for me and I’m still trying to get this house in order, but I am trying to get back on top of my game.

So, the Summer Solstice and the full moon… Can you think of a better time to practice magic? Instead of giving you a history lesson on the solstice or telling you all the ways that you could possibly celebrate it, I’ve decided to tell you what I am doing today.

If you have been reading my page for even a short amount of time, you will find a pattern with me: when I am getting ready to celebrate a holiday (or when I’m stressed) I clean. I hate cleaning, but I love a clean house. I feel like a clean, clutter free home lends itself to successful magic making- that having a fresh open room makes it near impossible for negative energy to gather in corners. So today, I clean.

When I am fished with my cleaning, I am baking blueberry and orange muffins as a summery treat and as an offering to the fae. Cody brought home tons of fresh blueberries and I bought more oranges than I can eat, so I am tinkering with muffin recipe and trying to come up with the perfect summery treat.

Other than that, we are simply going to enjoy dinner out on the patio with a glass of sweet wine… perhaps I’ll paint outside as well. But it is officially summer now, so I am planning on staying outside as much as possible.

What are you guys doing tonight?


Witchy Unpacking

The worst part about moving is undoubtedly the packing and unpacking. Sure, taking all of your belongings out of boxes has an air of “Christmas” about it… at first. But then it always seems to take a dark turn for the worst. You have more “junk” than you have room for and all the still packed boxes seem to multiply. It sucks.

To keep myself somewhat sane while unpacking and reorganizing, I’ve been slowly setting up altars around the house. It helps me channel my frustrations into creative, spiritual energy.

My Altar When I Lived With Cody’s Parents

small altar

When we lived with Cody’s parents, I wasn’t sure how his parent’s would feel if I had a full altar set up, so I had added a ton of “essentials” into a beautiful wooden box with flowered carvings.  Though I no longer need to hide all of my things, I still love having my box and have it on display on my main altar.

My Main Altar

main altar

I’ll be honest, I’m not 100% loving this set up. I thought having my altar on my dresser top would look wonderful and I would have a ton to room to spread out my tools, but now I’m not so sure. I guess we will figure that out later on.
My two white candles represent the god and goddess, I have taper candles to represent my elements, my tarot and oracle cards, my book of shadows and a few other’s here and there… but it still feels a little odd. I may begin looking for a smaller table and restart it from there.

My Living Room Altar

living altar

So far, this is my favorite part of my living room.
My living room altar, though to most it doesn’t appear to be an altar at all, I feel is even more magical than my main altar (which is a problem to me, but it is what it is). I have on it two of my favorite pictures of Cody and myself, all of the wine corks from the many bottles of wine I’ve shared with my family and friends, two lamps (one owl, on elephant), and my Buddha, Ganesha, and my owl totems, and a  few candles here and there. There is so much love on this small little area, it makes my heart happy.

I am still unpacking, still organizing, and still looking to create more altars, but so far this is where I am sitting.

As soon as I get a little more settled in, I will have more posts to come.


Witchy Tip: Use Rose

First of all, I’m sorry for the venting involved in yesterday’s post. My family is going through a lot right now and I had a desperate need to vent to the world without actually airing out all that dirty laundry to the people who personally know us. Today, I’m feeling a little bit better and I’m ready to write to you about all kinds of magical things.

Because I was so down last night, Cody brought up the topic of taking a Disney Vacation (I’m eat, sleep, breath Disney…) as a way of taking my mind off things. He promised that The next time we go, we will wait in line to meet the Beast- something I have never done before. That is when I began telling him about my life long fascination with roses.

th5ORKC191From a young age, I have always believed that roses were magical. My favorite movie (then and now) was Beauty and the Beast and I was OBSESSED with that rose. My mother had a beautiful rose garden at the time, so any time we were outside I would pretend that all of those beautiful roses were magical, that they served as a “count down” to finding love. Sense then, I have always considered roses to be a sacred plant and I love using them in my magical workings.

How I use Roses in my magical workings:

  • Have your received a bouquet from a loved one lately? Dry and keep the petals for future spell work. When my fiancé proposed, I pressed a few of the flowers to keep and I hung the others out to dry for upcoming spell work. When I need a spell for harmony in the household or to strengthen mine and my fiancé’s communication skills, I use these flowers.bouquet_of_roses_by_muffet1-d38f7s5
  • Boil the petals in water charged by the moon to make rose water. This can then be used in love related rituals, beauty spells, or as holy water. My favorite way to use rose water is to anoint candles with it when preforming love spells (love spells regarding my fiancé and I with his consent, so relax). When you are done with your rose water, store in a cool place.
  • Add dried rose petals to homemade smudge sticks. It will purify your home and promote peace- I like to use sage, rose and lavender in one bundle.thZC2DK3UL
  • Take advantage of those thorns- they can be used in witches’ bottles and  home protection spells as a way to deter any negative forced from entering your home.
  • Plant a bush as an offering to the Fae or the Green Man. Roses, to me, are the ultimate sign of beauty in nature. Planting and caring for the bush can be shown as a sign of respect and love to these nature entities, dedicating this special flower to these spirits may encourage them to look after and care for all of your other plants in your garden.


My magical used of roses may not be the Beast’s magical use of rose, but that magical movie lead to my love of this beautiful plant.

How do you use rose in your metaphysical life?


Connecting to Water

I would love to say that I am well in tuned to every element; that I have a well balanced relationship with each one. Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly the case… I have always been a little afraid of water. There is something about open water that terrifies me; perhaps its the fact that I watched Jaws when I was entirely too young, or maybe its the fact that hanging out by a pool or lake always means “D’s ginger skin is gonna get a sunburn” no matter how often I reapply sunscreen. Whatever the case, while I have a respect for water, I have a hard time actually connecting to it.


While it is normal for one to be more in cinque with one particular element over the others (for instance I am more in touch with air than anything else), having an extreme adversity to one isn’t. This being said, over the years I’ve has to work hard to overcome my fear. While water and I aren’t on the terms I want to be, we are making progress. Because of this, I am here to offer tips on connecting to the element of water.


  • Take a bath: I may not like hanging out in pools, but I am not beyond taking a nice, long bath. The next time you decide to take a soak in the tub, do so with the intention of experiencing and connecting to the water.
  • Collect shells and put them on your altar: Or anything that reminds you of sea life- sand, drift wood, etc. Spend time meditating with them.
  • Set up a small aquarium: They aren’t too expensive and make a beautiful addition to your home. Add real plants to your aquarium, not just the brightly colored fake ones. Caring for sea life- even if it is just for a small two gallon beginners’ aquarium- can help you connect.
  • Open your windows when it rains: You don’t have to completely submerge yourself in natures water to appreciate it. Next time you are stuck at home while it is raining cats and dogs, crack a window, brew a cup of coffee and enjoy the sound of water returning to earth, nourishing our lands.

befccccca8e5e1d71e26b4a7f65b5a12Again, I still don’t have the relationship with water that I want to have, but I am getting there. These tips are small, but they have helped me overcome my aversion to water… a little, anyways.

Love to you all,


An Abundance Check

**I was reading a random article that popped up on my phone today and the author had said something along the lines of “I wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition.” So naturally, I needed to watch some Monty Python… Click HERE  if you wanna laugh with me, I’ve linked a video.**

Back to my original topic (sorry, I just really love all things Monty Python), last night Cody cast a spell WITH me… for the first time ever. While he has always been very supportive of my path, he has always “left me to it” when it comes to any metaphysical practices.


We were originally talking about why I lit my abundance candle last night- It was a new moon. My idea was that I would light it with the new moon- a time of potential. I would light it for some time every day after, as the moon was growing in power. Then, on the fourteenth day (our moving day) it would be a full moon, a time of high, actualized power. It all seemed very symbolic to me.
We spoke on about how every new moon I see the same simple spells come up again and again- easy but affective, can be done with every new moon. I told him about how a few years ago, I was watching a youtube video by Charming Pixie Flora where she wrote herself a check and signed it The Law Of Abundance.  She is no longer active on that channel but you can still view her old videos HERE. If you want to check out all that she is working on currently, you can view it HERE.

After explaining the spell to him, he looked at me with a raised eyebrow and said, “you wanna do it?” Of course I wanted to, I’ve never done anything like that with him.

What you need:
A blank check
A pen

What you do:

Start off your spell as you normally would- pray, meditate, cast your circle, and so on. We simply lit a white candle for the divine and I prayed that they would join us.

Before you start, focus on your needs being fulfilled. Do not be greedy, focus on your needs- Cody and I are in a serious financial bind right now, and honestly I’m not sure how we are going to get it done, all I know is that we will get it done, no matter how hard it is, we will work it out. Because we were casting the spell together, we spoke aloud our needs, what exactly our bills were, what we are being on, the amount we need to come up to move, the amount we need to be comfortable, and so on.

When you have you needs in your mind, you may fill your check using the guide listed above. Your name, paid in full, signed by The Law of Abundance.

What you do with the check from here is up to you. I’ve heard of people mailing it to themselves, burning it, or (what Cody chose to do) simply keep it in your wallet to hold on to.

The idea is not to have money show up at your door two days later, the idea is that while you work and save, you will find making and saving money much easier. The Universe will provide for you, so long as you try to provide for yourself.

Much love,

Two Minute Rituals


22567007d671c369b17419e6c9b07ed3My goal in my practice is to have the lines between my mundane and spiritual life completely blurred. I want to be The Witchy D 24/7, not just when I am in a good mood. As a witch practitioner, my heart wants me to be a source of positive energy, to be able to look past the troubles of the world and see all the magic around us… then there are many days where we ran out of coffee, I got cut off on the interstate and I missed my exit, and I clipped my pinky toe on the corner of the couch. It is incredibly hard to see the world through rose colored glasses after a bad day… let alone see the “magic” the world has to offer. Humbug.

When you are stuck with a hard morning and it is starting to look that the cards were stacked against you, blurring that line between you mundane and magical life can seem impossible- I had a morning like this the other day and I was a pain to be around for a little while. Thankfully, while I was pouting in my bedroom, I found my Book of Shadows and flipped to a page I had titled as “two minute rituals,” a list of small ideas to help me reconnect to my spirituality when I am not exactly feeling it.

b2cbc1d9f93c27b2713414f8738b7a94Smudge yourself:
Any extra smudge bundles laying around? Get rid of that negative energy smudge yourself.

Sweeping from the back of your house to the front- it will stir up positive energy while kicking out all your negative energy out the door. Plus, if your pets shed like mine, you need to sweep anyways.

Clean your front door:
Mix together very warm water and a splash of lemon juice to serve as a cleaning mixture. As you wipe down your door, charge it with positive energy so that only good may enter your home.

Blow bubbles:
Connect with the element of air AND your inner child by blowing bubbles.

Leave a quick offering to the fae:
Find something sweet and leave it outside for our fairy friends- a slice of a strawberry, a bit of cake, honey. Even if you don’t believe in fairy magic (which is perfectly fair if you don’t) there is almost a child-like excitement you feel when you participate.

Give your bad feelings to a rock:
If you are in a bad mood, go outside and find a rock. Hold it tight in your hands and visualize all your negative feelings leaving you and entering the rock. When you are done, place the rock as far away from your house as possible.

Hug a tree:
Cheesy sounding, right? Do it anyways. Find a giant, gorgeous tree and wrap your arms around it. Thank it for the shade and oxygen it provide to us.

Kiss your pets and tell them you love them:
Do it. It makes them happy. It makes you happy. Spread the love.

Speak aloud three things you are thankful for:
I know I always feel a little weird when speaking aloud to myself, but there is something to be said about the energy that is put out by it. Plus, the action of saying it AND hearing it makes you realize just how blessed you are.

Compliment a stranger:
Make someone else smile. It will make your heart smile.

Sit in the rain:
Rainy day at home? If you have no where to go, take a second and stand in the rain before you run back inside to warm up. Sure, it looks a little silly, but experiencing the rain, feeling the water on your skin, can stir up energy.


I hope some of you are able to make use of a few of these two minute rituals. Being a spiritual and positive person may not be possible 100% of the time, but these small activities help me through the days.

What are some ways you incorporate your practice into your daily life?




Charging Crystals (without salt or water)

charging crystals 1A few weeks ago I asked for recommendations as to what I should write about next; unfortunately, my brain has had a very hard time thinking about anything besides moving, so inspiration has run a little short. A crystal loving friend of mine (you can visit her blog HERE) suggested crystal charging- an idea that is simple enough, yet never crossed my mind. So, here I am. Hope you enjoy.

First of all, I will very rarely charge my crystals with salt or water. I’ve never been a fan of this technique. I have been told by many people that all I need to do to give my pretty gems a boost of energy is to rest them in a pile of blessed salt or soak them in salt water overnight- a thought that turns my stomach. I have never bothered to research whether or not it is damaging to the crystals, so I cannot offer any hard evidence. All I can say is that my gut forbids it.
(I will, however,  created a mixture (made of equal parts vodka and water, a pinch of sea salt, and a few drops of lavender essential oils) to sprinkle over my altar to cleanse and bless it- if there are any crystals on my altar at the, so be it. A few drops here and there won’t hurt.)

So if I don’t use salt or water to charge my pretty gems, what do I do?


  1. Charge your crystals with the Earth. Or with its corresponding herbs- but I find walking into your backyard much easier (and personally, more effective). While I don’t normally use this method any more, for a very long time it was my favorite method because of how easy it was. The way I see it, the Earth is the provider for all things- from food to energies, the earth will provide it for us. All you need to do is find a nice, shady spot and nestle your crystals in it for an hour or so. They will absorb the Earth’s energies and will be ready to use for your next ritual.
    singing bowl
  2. Charge your crystals with sound. The vibrations will cleanse and recharge your crystals in no time.  The most common method I see is using a singing bowl to stir up the energy- while this is a beautiful and effective way to go about it, it is not the only way. Bells and wind chimes are a wonderful everyday solution, however the vibrations aren’t as strong as a singing bowl, so charging your gems may take a little bit longer. If you play any instrument, place your crystals around you as you play. I have played my guitar to my gems to charge them and I have known a girl who placed them on her piano as she practiced.
  3. Charge your crystals with smoke. To me, smoke is simply a relationship between fire and air… the energy that comes from it is incredible. I use this method of charging my crystals more than I use the two I listed above- not that this one is more effective than the others, it is simply what works for me. Everyday I will light a candle and an incense, and semi-regularly  I will light a sage bundle and smudge my house. The smoke left behind has an ability to change atmosphere of my home, making it pure and more peaceful. In the same way that it can purify and recharge my home, it can purify and recharge my crystals. Simply light a favorite candle or incense nearby your crystal hoard and wait for it to burn out.
    charging crystals
  4. Charge your crystals with the sun or the moon. My favorite (and the most common) way to charge my crystals is to allow them to soak in the light of the sun or the full moon. Most of my crystals will find themselves under the moonlight, but there are few that I would rather be bathed in the sun instead. For my gems that correspond with the feminine and have calming, soothing properties, I prefer
    them to bask in the moonlight, soaking up all the feminine energies of the moon. However, I have some stones that I feel relate more to the masculine and build high energies that I think are more suited to bathing in the sun for a while from my window seal to charge.
    Some crystals should stay out of direct sunlight for extended periods for time as they may damage the stones’ natural color, so research your stones as you purchase them.

What is your favorite way to charge your crystals? Let me know what you think!




Tips on Spiritual Burnout

88c3cf96f14ed5cfa9ed8074bab0e190I love my path that I am on- it is true what many people say… when the path finds you, it is as if you have finally “come home.” Your path becomes home when you allow your heart to guide you to your beliefs, not your mind. What is true to me is not always true to everyone else, and that isn’t necessarily wrong. For the most part, I adore our pagan community- where we are alike and where we are vastly different- it is all beautiful to me.

However, some days… some weeks or even months, things get hard. You feel exhausted or uninspired in regards to your practice. Your pagan community can make you feel a little bit nuts, or you start to feel like you are losing touch with nature… in turn, you are losing touch with yourself. I’m no stranger to that feeling. Being manic depressive, I have to fight tooth and nail to keep a healthy, well balanced relationship with nature, myself, and my deities, however, there is only so much you can do sometimes… Everyone will face a spiritual burnout at one point or another.

Once you are in this “burnout,” how do you get yourself out of this funk? If you are having a hard time feeling positive, connecting to nature, or feeling inspired, what is the best way to get back to feeling good?

Redecorate your altar or make a new, smaller one to be hidden somewhere:

4137a7924a7f1125681cb79729fca3f0The first thing I do when I am stuck in a funk is clean off my altar and rearrange everything. My altar is a wonderful source of positive energy to me, so working with it helps me to feel refreshed. Often times, when I am cleaning it off after a while of not using it, I find small tokens that serve as memories of when my thirst of knowledge was stronger.
If I already like the way my altar looks and I don’t wish to change it at all, I will make a small, temporary “hidden altar.” The image to your right isn’t mine, but I used it as an inspiration for my small altars. In the past, I have made a tiny sacred bowl with a small candle in the middle of it. Every time I would leave the house to run an errand, I would look for a small rock to put in the bowl- this forced me to get off the pavement and into the grass, forcing me to rummage around in nature.

Plan something for an upcoming holiday:

332cb4e1731bfb31e686a61683dd3767The wheel of the year is ever turning, so we are fortunate enough to always have a holiday coming up on us at any given time. For some people, planning a big celebration for every turn of the wheel is exhausting- some of us have to work! However, simply taking the time to observe what the sabbat/esbat ands for can help to reawaken your stagnant spirituality.

For example, if you are currently feeling out of touch with your spiritual life, you may look forward to Beltane and make an effort to participate in at least a small ritual honoring it. Rather than holding a large bonfire and making a feast for all of your friends and family, you can simply light many candles around your house, drink your favorite dessert wine and indulge in your favorite sweet treat. What you have left over can be used as simple offering to the fae and the green man. When you are ready for bed that evening, take a moment to reflect on what Beltane means to you- chances are, you will be glad you took the time to celebrate it, even if you didn’t initially feel like it.

Create a mandala from nature:

ea075bcba2b9135eedd2170c16bf9f13This makes me get outside and find things that I find beautiful, then I am forced to invoke my creative mind in order to make this type of artwork. Though my nature mandalas are hardly ever as beautiful as the one shown here, It makes me feel wonderful to work with the plants, herbs, and crystals I have in my possession.
When making these mandalas, my creative mind is stimulated and my stressed mind is relaxed. In this state, I can find my connection to my spirituality much easier.

Light a prayer candle every. single. day.

7c143f1108a3e25e94b22c208b5b8537This is my number one way to get out of my spiritual burnout… it just works for me. I will find an unlit candle with a scent that makes me feel happy- usually either cinnamon during the colder months and fresh apple during the warmer months- and pray over it every morning when I wake up, or every afternoon when I come home from work. I pray for guidance, for positive energy, for a better attitude, and for health. Right before I light the candle, I name at least three things that I am grateful for. After the candle is lit, I go about business as usual- cleaning the house, writing, doing homework, painting… every time I smell the candle while I am doing these things, I am reminded not only of the things I prayed for, but also the things I am grateful of, helping me to be positive and to reestablish my faith.

579ca7154439e1a77276b06fd1af7ef3Most days, my spiritual life and mundane life have no lines between them. However, not all days are full of beautiful sunsets and twinkling stars. We are human- we are constantly battling the good and the bad. Burnout happens to all of us, but working to overcome it is what makes us even stronger in our faith.

Blessings to you and yours,