Apple Picking and Magic


With how much Cody and I have been working, it is rare that the both of us have an evening off together, let alone a whole day… But yesterday both of us were fortunate enough to be off work all day long with one another. Originally, we were talking about doing a lot of much needed shopping, running errands, cleaning house, then making dinner and calling it an early night; practical and boring, but thing that needed to be done.  However, as soon as we woke up and saw what a beautiful day it was, we decided an adventure was in order.

apple-picking-7We got dressed, threw together some snacks, and jumped into the car and set off for Blue Ridge, GA. There is a family run apple orchard there called Mercier, which hosts a “U Pick,” where guests can pay for a bag and pick all the apples they could possibly ask for. Cody and I spent the day in the Orchards and picked more apples than I could ever dream of eating, so I imagine I will be spending the next several days putting  together obscene amounts of baked goods for my loved ones.

With all the time we spent in the orchards, surrounded by the mountains and apples, it was hard to not thing about all the wonderful, magical properties in which the apple possesses and the many ways that you can incorporate said properties into your magical and mundane life.

The magical properties of apples:

  • Health and fertility
  • Financial Abundance
  • Happiness
  • Protection
  • Divination
  • Connecting to the feminine
  • Emotional and romantic love

apple-pickingAs you can see, apples can be used for nearly anything you can possibly imagine, and using apples for these purposes are incredibly easy. For health, bless and apple before you eat it. Add apple seeds to a financial security mojo bag. Bake apple pies for your loved ones. Place apples on your altar to protect and bless it.

As you can imagine, you all will be flooded with magical apple crafts for the next week or so- in fact, as we speak I am waiting for my sweet potato and apple dog treats to come out of the oven, so you will be getting a post on the baking process within the day.

Apples…apples for days. I have a life time of magic laying across my counters at the moment (and at least a week’s worth of baking… at least), so I will leave you here for the moment. I hope you all enjoied your long weekend (if you did indeed have a long weekend).

Be Blessed,


Five Crystals Every Beginner Needs

I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately, so writing has become increasingly difficult. We are dealing with a lot of stress in the area of work and finances, leaving us exhausted at the end of the day. Lately, when I get stressed out, I’ve been going back to my basics and gathering my crystals, letting them heal my broken mind.

This being said, I have a pile of crystals sitting in my lap- a blue lace agate to help with my anxiety, black onyx to chase away negative feelings, blue calcite to help renew creative feelings, and so on. All of these crystals, most of which I’ve had for many years- from the days when I was first beginning my path. Thus, I bring to you, five crystals I believe every beginner should have in their collection.

b1442bfeefdd3d44e0f8cadd92f912f8Clear Quartz: Clear quartz, to me, is a stone of universal properties. Clear quartz carries and directs powerful energies, helping its handler to create sacred places in their home an in during magical workings. Placing this crystal next to another stone of in a bed of herbs magnifies their magical properties.


amethyst.gifAmethyst: Sometimes, the world gets to be a bit too much for us all. One these days, Amethyst is one of the best stones to have on hand. This stone is soothing to the handler, easing their troubled minds. It is a very grounding stone, so holding it in your palm after magical working or a hectic day at work can help you return to center.


tigersTiger’s eye: This is another stone that is perfect for staying grounded. Tiger’s eye helps to clear your mind so that you may accomplish any task at that lies before you. It helps you unblock any worries that would affect your creativity. Keeping this stone on you or where you keep your money can help to protect the wealth you already have and to keep you from growing a greedy heart.


rose quartzRose Quartz: One of the best stones for your heart, Rose Quartz is ideal for aiding all matters of the heart; from self-love to emotional love, it helps mend broken hearts and to facilitate the growth of love. Carry it with you to boost self esteem and keep it near during your beauty rituals.


onyx-stoneBlack Onyx: I can’t think of a stone better for dispelling negative energy that may otherwise affect your mental and physical health. Placing a black onyx stone in all of the corners of your home can keep unwanted spirits away and any bickering within the home at bay.


These are five of my favorite stones and I find them to be some of the most useful to have. I hope some of you find this helpful and that you all have a wonderful day.




Magic with Cody

I’m very fortunate that my fiancé is my best friend. Seriously, he is the perfect person for me. I don’t say this just to be sappy or to portray an unrealistic relationship between us- we still bicker and have our issues, but that pales in comparison to the love, understanding, and support we experience from one another.

Waiting for the concert to begin… I was crying I was so excited!

I bring this up for two reasons. The first: last nights he helped me cross off a bucket list item and took me to see one of my very favorite bands ever… The Cure! Such a great time, they sounded amazing and I loved every second of it. The second reason: though we don’t necessarily share the same beliefs in terms of my spirituality, he still has a desire to learn and to be a part of my practice.


I was reading through some old books on witchcraft and was telling him about how I kind of miss practicing magic the way I use to; several years ago I was constantly crafting something, and now I am constantly reading about someone else’s craft. I then told him how I use to really enjoy making magical oils and using them to dress candles, tools, etc.

Being the person that he is, Cody then allowed me to elaborate on the making of oils, the steps I took to produce them and how I went about decided what ingredients I wanted to use. I got very noticeably worked up and excited while explaining it to him- I don’t always actively try to involve him in this portion of my life, I would rather him try to involve himself in it. Knowing how happy it made me, he asked me to make an oil with him.

Guys, I’m excited. Working magic with this man is always an adventure.

We have been working together to come up with a list of ingredients and a spell, I can’t wait to share it with you guys!




Witchy Tip: Use Rose

First of all, I’m sorry for the venting involved in yesterday’s post. My family is going through a lot right now and I had a desperate need to vent to the world without actually airing out all that dirty laundry to the people who personally know us. Today, I’m feeling a little bit better and I’m ready to write to you about all kinds of magical things.

Because I was so down last night, Cody brought up the topic of taking a Disney Vacation (I’m eat, sleep, breath Disney…) as a way of taking my mind off things. He promised that The next time we go, we will wait in line to meet the Beast- something I have never done before. That is when I began telling him about my life long fascination with roses.

th5ORKC191From a young age, I have always believed that roses were magical. My favorite movie (then and now) was Beauty and the Beast and I was OBSESSED with that rose. My mother had a beautiful rose garden at the time, so any time we were outside I would pretend that all of those beautiful roses were magical, that they served as a “count down” to finding love. Sense then, I have always considered roses to be a sacred plant and I love using them in my magical workings.

How I use Roses in my magical workings:

  • Have your received a bouquet from a loved one lately? Dry and keep the petals for future spell work. When my fiancé proposed, I pressed a few of the flowers to keep and I hung the others out to dry for upcoming spell work. When I need a spell for harmony in the household or to strengthen mine and my fiancé’s communication skills, I use these flowers.bouquet_of_roses_by_muffet1-d38f7s5
  • Boil the petals in water charged by the moon to make rose water. This can then be used in love related rituals, beauty spells, or as holy water. My favorite way to use rose water is to anoint candles with it when preforming love spells (love spells regarding my fiancé and I with his consent, so relax). When you are done with your rose water, store in a cool place.
  • Add dried rose petals to homemade smudge sticks. It will purify your home and promote peace- I like to use sage, rose and lavender in one bundle.thZC2DK3UL
  • Take advantage of those thorns- they can be used in witches’ bottles and  home protection spells as a way to deter any negative forced from entering your home.
  • Plant a bush as an offering to the Fae or the Green Man. Roses, to me, are the ultimate sign of beauty in nature. Planting and caring for the bush can be shown as a sign of respect and love to these nature entities, dedicating this special flower to these spirits may encourage them to look after and care for all of your other plants in your garden.


My magical used of roses may not be the Beast’s magical use of rose, but that magical movie lead to my love of this beautiful plant.

How do you use rose in your metaphysical life?


Two Minute Rituals


22567007d671c369b17419e6c9b07ed3My goal in my practice is to have the lines between my mundane and spiritual life completely blurred. I want to be The Witchy D 24/7, not just when I am in a good mood. As a witch practitioner, my heart wants me to be a source of positive energy, to be able to look past the troubles of the world and see all the magic around us… then there are many days where we ran out of coffee, I got cut off on the interstate and I missed my exit, and I clipped my pinky toe on the corner of the couch. It is incredibly hard to see the world through rose colored glasses after a bad day… let alone see the “magic” the world has to offer. Humbug.

When you are stuck with a hard morning and it is starting to look that the cards were stacked against you, blurring that line between you mundane and magical life can seem impossible- I had a morning like this the other day and I was a pain to be around for a little while. Thankfully, while I was pouting in my bedroom, I found my Book of Shadows and flipped to a page I had titled as “two minute rituals,” a list of small ideas to help me reconnect to my spirituality when I am not exactly feeling it.

b2cbc1d9f93c27b2713414f8738b7a94Smudge yourself:
Any extra smudge bundles laying around? Get rid of that negative energy smudge yourself.

Sweeping from the back of your house to the front- it will stir up positive energy while kicking out all your negative energy out the door. Plus, if your pets shed like mine, you need to sweep anyways.

Clean your front door:
Mix together very warm water and a splash of lemon juice to serve as a cleaning mixture. As you wipe down your door, charge it with positive energy so that only good may enter your home.

Blow bubbles:
Connect with the element of air AND your inner child by blowing bubbles.

Leave a quick offering to the fae:
Find something sweet and leave it outside for our fairy friends- a slice of a strawberry, a bit of cake, honey. Even if you don’t believe in fairy magic (which is perfectly fair if you don’t) there is almost a child-like excitement you feel when you participate.

Give your bad feelings to a rock:
If you are in a bad mood, go outside and find a rock. Hold it tight in your hands and visualize all your negative feelings leaving you and entering the rock. When you are done, place the rock as far away from your house as possible.

Hug a tree:
Cheesy sounding, right? Do it anyways. Find a giant, gorgeous tree and wrap your arms around it. Thank it for the shade and oxygen it provide to us.

Kiss your pets and tell them you love them:
Do it. It makes them happy. It makes you happy. Spread the love.

Speak aloud three things you are thankful for:
I know I always feel a little weird when speaking aloud to myself, but there is something to be said about the energy that is put out by it. Plus, the action of saying it AND hearing it makes you realize just how blessed you are.

Compliment a stranger:
Make someone else smile. It will make your heart smile.

Sit in the rain:
Rainy day at home? If you have no where to go, take a second and stand in the rain before you run back inside to warm up. Sure, it looks a little silly, but experiencing the rain, feeling the water on your skin, can stir up energy.


I hope some of you are able to make use of a few of these two minute rituals. Being a spiritual and positive person may not be possible 100% of the time, but these small activities help me through the days.

What are some ways you incorporate your practice into your daily life?




A Gift

I’ve been pretty wrapped up in work lately. We are preparing for our move, so I am working as much as I possibly can to save up the money for it… forgive me if I start to be a bad friend and my updates drop down to biweekly… that is not the goal, but it is a possibility.

The universe works in weird ways… It brings people you need to you when you need them the most. Last year, I participated in an international Secret Santa. I was matched up with a man in his late 50s who was also a pagan. I bought him a “wreck this journal” book, a funny tea steeper, some knick knacks, and I made him many homemade soaps and candles. He seemed to like everything I sent because we have been moderately in touch ever sense. He is now an uncle-like figure, and I love him and his wife dearly even though we have never met.

Today, a package was delivered at my doorstep addressed to me.
My friend had sent me two fluorite wands, a piece of petrified wood, a chunk of stone that I cannot figure out what it is yet (gotta take it to my nearby crystal shop), and a book called Illusions by Richard Bach. He left a note that simply said “thought you need a pick me up… consider it an early wedding gift.”
I needed a pick me up… I am so stressed out that I burst into tears over the smallest of things.

The universe has lead me to a truly beautiful soul.

May blessings rain upon that man and his wonderful wife.


PS- early in the week I might post a picture of my unidentifiable stone… if you guys have any thoughts, let me know!



Finding My Path

a8044e6b77bc1f21d2972f731e4c5d2fMy mind has been wandering an awful lot the past few days, but luckily I have had my little brothers around to distract me. I love them… each of them are vastly different from one another, yet so similar to me. They both take care of me when my brain is unwell… and unfortunately my battle with manic depression coupled with my contempt of my living situation, I need all of the care I can get from them. In efforts to get me out of the house and smiling, they both took turns taking me to my favorite sandwich shop and walking me around my favorite parts of town, stopping for coffee here and there.
Yesterday, while we were out walking, one of my brother’s stopped dead in his tracks and said, “D, I gotta ask you something. Are you doing paganism?”
The question startled me for two reasons. The first, he phrased it as if he were an old man accusing me of smoking “the wacky weeds,” which I found quite humorous. The second, it never really dawned on me before that I have never had this conversation with my family. It wasn’t that I was actually hiding it from them, but I guess I wasn’t telling them. They knew about my massive crystal and herb collection, I wear “pagan” themed jewelry often and visibly, I have a Buddha altar that I keep in plain site… But I have never actually said, “Hey, I’m a pagan,” much less told them I identified as a witch.

Knowing that my brother (who is very Christian and has a mild form of autism) would more than likely have a hard time processing the truth, opted for a milder version of it. “Well, I can certainly identify with many aspects of paganism, but you don’t need to worry about me… I have a great relationship with God.”
I guess I don’t need to throw in that I also have a great relationship with the Goddess as well… at least not right now. He seemed to accept my answer and changed the subject.

As small as the interaction was, it made me thing about my path and how I came to be where I am now. So, if you are at all interested, this is my story.

As long as I can remember, even as a young child, I would tell everyone that I was a witch. I don’t know why I felt I needed everyone to know or how I came to the conclusion that I was a witch… It was just something I felt in me. I would practice “casting spells” or “making potions” as a part of playground fun, which I’m sure was somewhat distressing to my very religious preschool teachers. My teachers were, thankfully, kind enough to look past the odd behavior and accept it as imaginative play. However, I would often get scolded for saying so because my father felt it was “the devil in me,” so I eventually stopped… but I never really quit believing it.
I grew up in a strong Southern Baptist family, and for a long time I really liked going to church. I had always accepted that there was a God and that he had sent his only son to save us… I accepted that Eve was created from Adam’s rib. I accepted it all as the truth… and did so until I was about 12 or 13. One day, after hearing a lesson on the importance of marriage and how man and women were meant to be together, I decided that God must have a wife as well… It can’t just be him up there. The following Sunday I shared my thoughts with the class… My teacher was not amused and informed me that that is NOT how the bible goes and that I was to sit down and be quiet, that I was wrong. The Sunday after that, we were taught that all people who are in same sex relationships were evil and would burn in hell. That didn’t sit well in my mind, so I raised my hand and asked, “If gay people are evil, then why does god still create gay people? No one chooses to be gay, right?” Again, I was told to sit down and be quiet.

The older I got, the more I lost my connection to the church. My heart told me that there was something out there, someone who created and looks after us, but I wasn’t so sure it was just one big man upstairs. I was lost, and didn’t know what I believed anymore.

As I was entering my freshman year of high school, I fell into a deep depression that rocked me to my core. I felt like I had lost my religion, my father and I were always fighting, my grades were slipping… I was losing touch with myself. I had confided in a favorite teacher of mine about how upset I was, and she had simply said, “Oh honey… You need to get back to nature and you will feel much better.”49f833d0bf1771a21da656debc2aa105 She suggested that I get a small notebook and sit outside with it for a few minutes every day. She told me not to go back inside until I was able to write down at least three beautiful things that I saw or felt.

This would become the beginning of my path.

My journaling did make me feel a little better. It helped me to make a connection with nature, and in turn myself. After about three months of doing this everyday, I was slowly feeling better… I was making better grades and had made a few friends.
One day at lunch, a new found friend was sitting next to me while I was writing in my journal. She had asked me if I was writing in my “book of shadows,” a term that I had only ever heard of while watching charmed. I suppose she notice the confused look on my face, so she dug through her book bag and pulled out a book from Scott Cunningham and said, “here… I have another copy at home… I thought you were into Wicca and thought it would be fun to have somone to talk to.”

I took the book home, skeptical, but interested. I was confused and intrigued by the information in the book; half of it I could completely relate to, the other half was bizarre to me. However, one thing stood out in my mind… “He ALSO believes that God has a wife.” I read and researched Wicca and Witchcraft until I was blue in the face, eager to jump in and learn, not so sure where to start, wondering if this is a good fit for me or if I am just crazy… It was exciting.
After a few short weeks of reading around the internet, I had made a decision. I was a Wiccan Witch.

Looking back on it, it is almost comical. I had gone from “I’m lost in life,” to “I like nature,” to “don’t cross me, I have lots of gods and can cast spells and such,” within a matter of a few weeks… and I was very immature about it. I never took the time I should have to learn about this new found religion of mine. In fact, I think I began to like the shock factor it held when I told other’s that I was into witchcraft (a cringe worthy memory for me…)

I was soon met with frustration… A year into “practicing,” and I was still clueless. I didn’t know how to celebrate any holidays, I didn’t have any resources to gain the tools that I “needed,” I couldn’t sneak out of the house to have a full moon ritual in an open field while naked… I wanted to do everything right, so I was frustrated when I couldn’t follow my books exactly. After about a year of practicing, I never gave up the idea of magic or the god and goddess… but I did give up. The boy I was dating made fun of me for it and I just couldn’t get anything right.

Fast forward to the year after I graduated high school, I was sitting on a bench in a park, reading a book, and something hit me… I suddenly felt a need to lay in the grass and close my eyes. I stayed there for a moment, feeling the wind blowing over my skin. I could here kids laughing as their parents pushed them on the swings. I could smell fresh cut grass and wet soil in the distance. I’m sure I looked insane to the people walking by, but for a moment, I was oblivious.
After a moment, I sat up and counted three beautiful things I saw around me- a little girl with wild, curly blonde hair, a lone dandelion among freshly cute grass, and the periwinkle color of the sky.
I was back to finding myself once again.

I began spending more time outside, saying what I was thankful for out loud, creating strong bonds with all animals, planting flowers just for the sake of beauty… after sometime I began to pray to both a god and a goddess… to this day I have not named them, I just feel them in my heart. I began learning about herbs and crystals and how I could use them in everyday life. I began to learn the art of mediation. I fell in love with tarot cards.

One day, after a year of being myself and learning about all the things I was interested in, had an epiphany: I am a witch.

I am a witch. I am a pagan. I don’t always subscribe to Wicca, but I can draw parallels to it and what I believe to be true. I love to be in nature. I love to be with animals. I feel powerful when I cast spells. I have a god and a goddess who love every single creation on this earth. I am my good days and my bad days. I am a pale skinned, barefooted, crunchy, silly, happy, manic depressive, freckled and curly headed freak… and I am okay with that.

I gave up on telling people that I was a witch. I gave up on following my Scott Cunningham books to the letter. I gave up on trying to do it all perfectly.

The moment I gave up the idea of what was correct was the moment I was able to find myself, what I believed to be true.


I still don’t think I am completely ready to have the conversation with my family about my beliefs, but I’m okay with them just thinking that I am a tree hugging animal lover… Cause I am . I love the path I’m on, and the weird way I got there… from journaling in nature, to having a fall out with Wicca, to submersing myself in nature, to one day waking up and saying “Huh… I always knew I was a witch.”

Glancing back up at this, I didn’t realize how long this pots was actually getting to be… oh well.

Blessings to you and yours,




Some thoughts on Chamomile



With anxiety  like mine, you need to have a stock pile of chamomile tea and honey in your house. No ifs, ands, or buts… You need something to take the edge off of your days… and that something cannot always be scotch. Luckily, I love the mild taste of chamomile and will gladly take it on any occasion… not just when things are hard.

Chamomile is extremely useful in both mundane and metaphysical ways. From a health stand point, it is wonderful for warding away anxiety and helps aid in sleep, it helps to ease inflammation of the joints, it sooths upset stomachs, helps to work out insulin issues within your body, lowers cholesterol, can help to ease muscle spasms, and so much more. The health benefits alone are reason enough to keep a small amount of the dried flower in your pantry.

On a metaphysical stand point, chamomile is wonderful for attracting money and love, and for pur0ifying and cleansing your space.

Ways that I like to use chamomile:

  • Add dried flowers to your stove top potpourri to promote love and harmony in your home.
  • Add it to homemade sage bundles to help aid in the purification and cleansing.
  • Made a sleep sachet to be placed under your pillow at night. I like to fill mine with equal parts chamomile and lavender- sometimes I’ll throw a bit of mint in there for fun. The mild scent helps to calm your mind.
  • Placing bundles of the fresh flowers on your altar can help to bring luck in your magical workings.
  • Wash your hands with a soap featuring chamomile essential oils if you are ever in need of luck or money. As a superstition, many gamblers would do this to help ensure their winnings.
  • Drink the tea just because- it is good for


Witchy Tip- Add Cinnamon

Computer is no longer acting funky! Yay! So now, back to work. I have a lot of writing to do.

One herb I absolutely MUST have in my magical pantry is Cinnamon. I love everything about it- the smell, the taste, the properties, what it does for my mood, and so on.


Cinnamon is a wonderful herb to add to just about anything. I find myself shying away from it in the summer because I use so much of it all the time in the winter, but I’m trying to break away from that… its so useful that using it JUST in the winter is absurd.

  • Just smelling cinnamon can boost your brain function. During spell work (or school work, bill paying, etc.) burn a cinnamon candle or incense stick. It will help to keep you focused and improve your work.
  • If you need a spell to work quicker than normal, adding a little pinch of cinnamon can help it speed up a touch.
  • Cinnamon corresponds with lust, money, and luck. If you are working a spell that deals with any of those, cinnamon is a must!
  • If you are feeling down or have very little energy, throw a cinnamon stick in hot water with a squeeze of lemon and orange. The citrus will help wake and energize you and the cinnamon will give you a little more passion, making you feel like a real go-getter.
  • Cinnamon appeals to the element of fire and all of its spirits. Sprinkle ground cinnamon over the kindling in your fireplace/fire pit as a simple offering before lighting your fire. OR if you are like me, and have neither a fire place or outdoor fire area, anointing a candle in cinnamon essential oil before lighting works just as well.
  • Cinnamon is a very masculine herb. If you are trying to identify with masculinity, either in an everyday situation or to honor the God, smell a little bit of cinnamon before hand.
  • To help add a little bit of love in your house (be it physical or emotional) add cinnamon to a stove top potpourri. I like to put orange slices, cloves, and cinnamon in a small amount of water and let it simmer on top of the stove. My home smells heavenly and my friends are always happy to be around.

If you have any other tips on using cinnamon, I would love to hear them!






My Day doesn’t begin until I have downed at least half a pot of coffee, so while I am working on my addiction of the hot brown, I wanted to spend some time with you all.

I normally like to be out of bed no later than 9:00am. For some, that is still pretty late. For me, it is still pretty early. My mind wouldn’t shut up last night, all it wanted to do was think about thinks I could not yet control. From “what if our wedding guest hate the food?” to “how will we arrange our furniture when we move?” I stayed awake, staring at the ceiling… it is noon now and I’m disgusted to say that I am just now starting my day, but I didn’t actually fall asleep until 6:00 or so.

So, what is on the agenda today? I have given myself an hour of “play time” on the computer, which means I get an hour of screwing around on here, writing to you guys. Then I am in serious need of folding laundry and doing school work. When I am done with that, I am going to workout, shower, and read until my fiancé gets home. I’ll make us some dinner and then cap the night off with a small walk around the neighborhood.
These things are nice.
But when I am living in someone else’s house, it just doesn’t hold that same charm.

In an older post, I spoke about how I spent a small amount of time in the hospital immediately following us moving into my in-laws. I’m not sure if I deleted it yesterday or not, but let us just say it was very negative. I had a panic attack… it was the result of me realizing that this is just not going to be a good living situation, but unfortunately, it is our only option. I am grateful that we have a place to live while WITH OUR PETS we are saving our money, but this is probably the hardest thing that the boy and I will ever have to do. To put things plainly, his parents are borderline hoarders and I have a diminishing relationship with his mother. This is rough, more taxing than I could have possibly imagined… it is testing my relationships with my fiancé, his parents, and the god and goddess. I am constantly stressed that I am going to do or say the wrong thing and that will lead to trouble… So I keep to myself. I don’t have friends over the way I use to, I don’t paint the way I use to, I don’t sleep well anymore…

But, nothing is permanent. We will get through this, and we will smile because we made it. This situation could have broken many couples… especially with a sick dog thrown in the mix, but we are making it.

About a week ago, I was writing in my book of shadows about my plans for Imbolc, when my train of thought began to take off somewhere else. I started writing about our living situation and how it was difficult for me to be myself. In it, I wrote, “I always thought that home was where ever I was with my man… But I was very wrong about that. Home is where we are together AND can be ourselves.”

Yes, we are together now. And I am still so very in love with him and thank the divine for him every night before I close my eyes…but just because he is next to me in bed does not mean that I am “home.”

Home is where he showers with the bathroom door open, even though he knows there is a very good chance that I will throw ice water on him.
Home is where we cook dinner together while LOUDLY singing Frank Sinatra, often taking small breaks between chopping and sautéing to dance.
Home is where we great each other by the front door with a cup of coffee… or a glass of scotch, depending on how bad our days were.
Home is where we made a fort out of couch cushions and go camping in the living room.
Home is where we host small dinner parties and drink too much wine with our friends.
Home is where we bust out the N64 and have Mario Kart competitions… the loser cleans the cat box for the next month.
Home is where we lay in our living room floor together while I paint and he reads.

We are very far from home right now… But at least we are on our way.

We have so much to be thankful for… The health of our dogs and cats, a roof over our head, money in our checking account, friends that support us… But we won’t be complete until we find our home.

Just a little bit longer, we will eventually get there.

Now, I need to get some school work done…