I’m going to take a break from my regular pagan posts and touch on a subject that I have wrongfully been overall quiet about. I’m done, guys. I’m done.

Do you remember the scene in To Kill a Mockingbird when Atticus is giving his final statement in the courtroom? Where he basically said “this man is only on trial because he is black, and that’s a big problem.” I remember crying while reading it for the first time, my heart breaking as my eyes scanned the page… yet, I was blindly grateful, believing that we were past this kind of oppression in our society.
How naïve.

I’m sorry that I have posted less and less on #blacklivesmatter, simply because I found it painful and didn’t want to believe that so many people needlessly lose their lives in such a way. I’m sorry that I have never corrected friends who have rebutted with “all lives matter,” as it discredits the feelings of our black brothers and sisters.

I pray that we can stop being so hateful. Guys, someone’s brother, son, husband, father and so on has lost their life… Rather than supporting the families of this person while they attempt to come to terms with what happened- while they grief in agonizing pain and confusion, we are telling them “not all cops are bad,” or “well they shouldn’t have broken the law.” People are morning a loss of someone they desperately love and we are spitting in their face, discrediting their hurt.
Some mother will bury her son. A woman will now raise her children as a single mother, staying awake at night wondering how she is going to do this. Children will never know their father’s smile. And what do we have to say? “He broke the law… not all cops are like that.”
How about a genuine, “I am so sorry for your loss. I am so sorry for your pain.”

This needs to stop. I have friends who are upstanding members of society, that work hard, give back to their community, and are loyal friends who are genuinely scared to get pulled over for a burned out headlight BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK. This is a problem, and it hurts my heart to the core.

In the words of Princess Diana, “Someone needs to go out there and love people.”
Please, PLEASE start loving people. Love your neighbors. Love your black community. SHOW them that you believe ALL lives matter, don’t just spit that at them every time you see the #blacklivesmatter handle.
Love them. Love everyone.
Stop this madness.
Stop the hate.





To Live Simply

I have decided that I want to live simply.


I’ve been staring at this blank screen, grasping at straws while trying to think of something meaningful to write, but I’m coming up blank every time. Some clever topic regarding witchcraft or folklore… but nothing comes up. Rather than looking up a new topic, I walked away and poured myself yet another cup of coffee to sip on while I mull over everything that I’m unhappy with in my life.

Remember when I lived with my in-laws, how unhappy I was? I can honestly say I am MUCH happier now living in this apartment. I feel more free than before; free to paint in the living room when I want, free to work out without feeling embarrassed, free to walk down the hallway to grab a cup of coffee without a bra, free to take a shower when I want…
Yes, this freedom is incredible and I am happier here, however I am beginning to feel a “dark place” growing in the back of my brain, slowly expanding so that it may eventually consume my every day life. I’ve worked so hard to become well, so I would rather this “dark place” vanish, or at the very least stay put.

Over my morning cup of coffee, I pondered what exactly I was unhappy about and at first came up empty- all of our needs were being met. Rent was paid on time, we have food in our bellies, we have a warm bed to lay in and hot water to bath in. But upon further inspection, I thought “maybe its how I’m living?”

I find myself eating foods that are void of any real nutrition, I am staying sedentary while I am home for the day, I have found myself cleaning less and less, I pout about my hours at work rather than work to change them, I long to be outside yet never wish to leave the air-conditioning, I need new clothes (seriously, either my pants don’t zip or there are holes in them) but I feel guilty when I go to buy them, I want time off to be with my family but I feel guilty when I request off for it, and so on.

I’m over it, guys.
I decided that I, nor my fiancé, don’t deserve to feel this way.

Yes, my physical needs are being met, but are my soul’s needs being met?

I have decided that my soul needs to be bumped up on the list of priorities, and that if I do that happiness should follow.

I have decided that I want to live simply. 

I only want to eat foods that fuel me, that help me in some way or another. I want to be active, not just for a nicer looking body, but for the over all joy it brings me to be outside and moving. I will play fetch with the pups at the dog park and chase fireflies after sundown.
I will clean my home daily, ridding it of whatever negative energy that wishes to linger there while bringing in light. I will purge my home of needless things, keeping only those that make me feel happy. I will stop purchasing things that have no meaning to me, but I will refuse to feel guilty for buying things that I need, like jeans or new bras.
I will work to get the hours that I want, but never feel sorry for taking off time to be with my family. I will walk out the door with messy hair and a makeup-less face if I wish. Alternatively, If I want to go to work dawning red lipstick, I will do that too.

I simply wish to stop neglecting my soul… And that, I believe, is the key to living simply.

Now, I will bid you all a farewell while I go back to my coffee and get ready for work.



What is in my MoJo bag?

Just a short post, for in a few minutes I will be off to a job interview. Please cross your fingers for me, I need a second job pretty badly if we are going to be comfortable in our own finances… and plus also we are planning a surprise Disney World vacation for my mom, so the extra money would definitely help.
Because I am really needing a little extra “umph” in the working department, I decided I would make a prosperity and business MoJo bag to help me sell myself as best as I could to a potential employer and to help me stay calm and extremely productive whenever I am working. If you want to watch my YouTube video on what all I put in there (in case you want to see my make-up-less face and pony tail AND what the stones looked like) you can click HERE.

Within the bag I have a:

  • Blue Goldstone- for good business sense and smart money investments.
  • Tigers Eye- to keep you grounded and to protect the wealth that you already have.
  • Citrine- to stay positive and promote a happy vibe, luck with money.
  • Clear Quartz- to magnify all of the stone’s properties.
  • Bluckeyes- something that has always been lucky to me.
  • A Dollar- to represent the money we need.
  • A note with all the needs of Cody and myself.

When I was finished stuffing my bag, I rested it in a bed of patchouli and cinnamon sticks so that it would be charged with their properties of luck and prosperity.


I got my mojo bag in my pocket… wish me luck, y’all. I need this.